• Bathishig




    I grew up in a nominal Buddhist family.  When we had a problem at home, we went to the llama.  When I was young, I didn’t think much about spiritual things.  I moved from Erdenet when I was thirteen years old because I had been selected to go to the Cadet World Championships of ping pong and I moved to Ulaan Baatar to train. 
    My coach in Ulaan Baatar was a Korean and a Christian.  She invited me to live in her home until I finished school.  In 2002 she sent me to Korea for a year of training in Seoul. My coach brought me with her to church every Sunday.  At first I didn’t want to attend, but the church services were very interesting.  It wasn’t long before I decided to ask Jesus to come into my life and follow Him. 
    Before becoming a Christian I was suspicious of everyone and this was probably because I constantly lied to people.  I was easily offended even though I was often guilty of offending others.  After becoming ping pong champion of Mongolian I became very proud.  I never realized how sinful my behavior was, but when I became a Christian I understood that everything I have, including my athletic talent is a gift from God.  Knowing this has given me an attitude of humility and God used ping pong to teach me this.  He has changed my life completely now my heart is filled with love for others and I am able to clearly see my own sin which helps me not to be judgmental of other people. 
    I still want to train hard and win but victories without God in my life would have no meaning.   The almighty God who has all authority, loves me and knows everything about me.  He knows my heart and wants me to love Him, come to Him, talk to Him and have a relationship with Him.  I want to use my life to glorify God and to make God known to other people.