• David Robinson

    Accomplishments in Basketball:

    -Superstar in the basketball world

    -Three time participant in the olympics

    -Competed on two NBA championship teams

    -NBA player of the year in 1995.

    “I had everything, at least that’s what I thought.  A huge amount of money, many houses, cars, fans, everything I wanted.  But suddenly I realized it was all given to me by God and I had never even stopped for a moment to thank Him! 

    In 1991 I fell on my knees crying and gave thanks to God for all my blessings.  “I’ve been like a spoiled kid, you’ve given me so much and I’ve ignored you and never given you thanks.  I want to be  your child.”  I started reading the Bible and began to understand what it said.  It made me love God so much more.”

    David has recently retired from professional basketball and spends much of his time at the school he has founded in San Antonio, Texas USA for children in a very poor part of the city.  He believes we should follow the example of Jesus and one of the big purposes of our life is to serve others.  David has personally contributed 9 million dollars to this school that stresses education with discipline and faith in God.