• John Peterson

    Accomplishments in Wrestling:

    - Olympic Champion in 1976 Montreal

    - Silver medalist in 1972 Munich Olympic games

    - Silver medalist in 1971 World Championships

    - Bronze medalist in 1973 World Championships

    - Coach of Athletes in Action wrestling team

    - Frequesnt coach of US national team


    When I was young, I saw the example of my parents and I wanted to be like them.  I set a very high moral standard for myself.  But I realized I couldn’t live up to that standard.  I kept doing things I knew were wrong but I couldn’t seem to stop and I realized that I needed help that could only come from God.  I asked Jesus to come into my life, to forgive me of my sins and to change me into a person who pleases Him.  I’m not perfect but God and the teachings of Jesus have helped me be more patient, loving, caring and kinder toward others. 

    Sure wrestling in two Olympics was great, especially with my brother Ben (who also won a gold and silver medal).  But the most important thing in my life is my relationship with God and knowing that He has forgiven my sins and I will spend eternity with Him and so many other people who love Him. 

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