• Munkhjargal Ariunbold

    Accomplishments in Taekwando:

    - Fifth and Sixth place at World Championships

    - Bronze medalist in Asian Championships

    - Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist at international tournaments

    - 10 time Mongolian National Champion

    - Int. Taekwando's blackbelt 4 dan


    When I was young, I was interested in fighting and I tried fighting a little. From kindergarten all the way through school, kids labeled me the best fighter.  This influenced me, and in 5th grade I began training in Tae Kwan Do.  My motivation was pride, and I wanted to be a better fighter.   I never wanted people to push me around or bully me.
    Once I started training in Tae Kwan Do, I became very insensitive and rude.   My attitude became focused on being a good fighter and being able to fight other people.  Because of my wrong attitude toward sports and fighting, I began bullying people bullying others in school.  I would make up insulting songs directed toward girls and if they got upset, I would just hit them. My attitude was to never give up, but only to win.  Sometime I would hit girls in the stomach and head and pull their hair, I never apologized.
    In the year 2000, I went to a church summer camp.  I quickly became attracted to their praise and worship songs. After that camp, I went to church to understand what we were singing about.  in 2001, in my small group during praise and worship, I began to weep.  God began speaking to me and I understood that He was turning my heart toward Him.  Since then, I have continued attending church and I desperately wanted to know what God did for me. Why did Jesus come to the earth?  How should I live? I had many questions about life and God.  I began to realize that I need to change my life. I started to change my life, through the power of God.  I went to church and began serving in the church and I felt that I was doing what God wanted me to do.  Now I am living my life with one desire and goal, to be like Jesus and to love him.  I also want others to see Jesus through my life.