• Sukhbaatar

    Accomplishments in Wrestling:

    - Mongolian National Champion

    - Bronze medalist in the Asia Championhips

    - Bronze and Silver Medalist in the Asian Cup


    I love sport, and I especially love free style wrestling!  I’ve spent most of my life wrestling.  When I was younger, older wrestlers were my role models. Through the sport of wrestling I’ve experienced the feelings of happiness and pride from winning, as well as loss and discouragement. I understood many years ago that wrestling can’t fill my heart completely, even-though it is a big part of my life. I came to understand the One who can fill my heart is the God who created me, my life became peaceful and had more meaning.
    Brothers and sisters, we humans are made in God’s image and His likeness, and we are not descendants of monkeys. Unfortunately we have all taken God’s image in us and twisted it with our sin.  Part of that image in us is our conscience which tells us when we’ve done something wrong.  The Bible teaches that when Jesus died on the cross he took our sin and the punishment for our sin upon Himself.  God offers forgiveness to those who repent and turn to Jesus. God has an eternal plan and purpose for our lives, and that purpose is to know Him and to become more like Him. 
    God bless you.