• Tuvshinbat Byamba

    Accomplishments Boxing:

    - National champion at cadet, junior, student, and senior levels

    - Silver medalist at the Asian championships

    - Bronze medalist at the Student world championships

    - Gold medalist in the grand prix of Pakistan (Most outstanding boxer of the tournament)

    - 2012 Olympian


    I was born in Ulan Bator in 1987 and my life wasn’t bad, My classmate in middle school influenced me greatly.  He was from a Christian family.  I often mocked him and hit him but even then I felt that his response was different than other people.  His life impressed me and it made me think about going to church.  I wanted what he had.  The first time I went to church I didn’t understand anything.  After two years I finally understood and six years ago I received Jesus as my Savior.

    I started my boxing career before I became a Christian and my focus was to be a world famous boxer for my own glory and wealth!  Right now I want to glorify God’s name through the sport of boxing.  My belief in God has given me more motivation than my previous goal to glorify myself and has caused me to reach higher levels in boxing.   

    I never shook hands with God or met him face to face, but I love Him with all my heart and all my mind!  I will never change God for anyone or anything.  My faith means everything to me.  Jesus is living in my heart.

    In the boxing ring, I have to be aggressive, tough and box as hard as I can.  I believe God wants me to give 100%, but outside the ring, God shows me in the Bible In Proverbs 16:32 “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,....”  Outside the ring God wants me to be loving, compassionate and patient towards people.  In the future, I believe God will use me, through boxing to tell of His greatness in Mongolia and throughout the world.